Serve With Us!


Worship Team

Worship Team - Would you enjoy being a vocalist or instrumentalist or would you like to begin developing in this area? Team Leader:  Krista Harms, 469-323-2724.

Teaching Team

Teaching Team - Are you interested in teaching, inspiring, and encouraging others?  Do you have a particular interest like: apologetics, theology, healing, history, biology, astronomy?  Team Leader: Levi Smith, 907-748-4197.

Hosting Team

Hosting Team - Do you have a firm handshake and a willing smile to help us greet old friends and first time guests as they come to our worship services?  Can you help people find a seat? Team Leader: Micheal Wuerth, 907-223-2912

Nursery Team

Nursery Team - Can you sit on the floor and read children's books?  Can you tell a story or lead a craft?  Do you still enjoy building giant towers with blocks? Do you find coloring with kids to be relaxing? This team serves kids from infant up to Kindergarten. Team Leader: Lacey Ryan 907-301-9876.

Orange Team

Orange Team -  Desire to invest in the lives of elementary age kids?  Can you tell a story or lead a game or activity?  Do you simply want to help parents sign their children in?  Join us as we raise up the next generation.  You will have the option of working with elementary kids from K-2nd grade or 3rd-6th grade - just let us know your preference.  Team Leader: Nichole Rosenthal, 907-331-7346.

Middle School Team

Middle School Team - Are you willing to help us get something new started at Awaken? We currently partner with Young Life to reach our High School students, but we have several middle school students we'd love to minister to and disciple. Can you play crazy games, participate in food-eating challenges? Are you willing to share your lives with these kids and invest in their lives as you listen to their fears, passions, and questions? Team Leader: Mikey Huff, 907-230-5985.

Tech Team

Tech Team - We have all sorts of fun toys to play with.  Sound boards, light boards, presentation software, and laser lights!  Would you like to help us create the best environment for worship?  Do you like to make/edit movies?  Do you have a drone with a camera or do you want to use one?  Team Leader: Krista Harms, 469-323-2724.

Facilities Team

Facilities Team - Are you highly skilled in a building trade or do you just have a willing spirit?  Either way, we would love your help.  The facilities team handles all kinds of projects from changing out light bulbs to building additions for more space.  Team Leader:  Tyler Loken 907-830-5469.

Community Life Team

Community Life Team - Would you like to lead or host a discipleship group?  Do you have a desire to mentor others?  Would you like thinking strategically about how to move others from point A to point B in their spiritual lives?  Do you simply enjoy having people over for a party? Team Leader: Johanna Andersen, 757-508-3457.

Outreach Events Team

Outreach Events Team - Are you interested in helping plan some of our major events like our world famous Easter Egg Hunt, Trunk-or-Treat, or VBS?  How do you feel about hosting a family movie/game night at our very own theater?  Team Leader:  Johanna Andersen, 757-508-3457.