Come Intern with Us!


This summer we are inviting college students to live with us, as we seek to create redemptive friendships with our friends and co-workers.  We are providing housing, shared transportation, adventure, community, opportunities to serve, and spiritual development.  Our challenge to the students will be to enjoy all that Alaska and the Awaken community has to offer, but to do so intentionally.  That is, to aim all of their efforts toward having a redemptive impact on someone who is not currently participating in a church family or someone who has never experienced the personal awakening that Jesus invites us to.

Students will be using their social connections found in their part-time or full-time summer jobs to develop friendships. Most weekends will include an iconic Alaskan adventure that students will be able to invite their friends on.  Our hope and prayer is that somewhere in the process these casual friendships will turn redemptive. 

If you are a college student who is interested in this, then please submit the form below and we will get you the appropriate information and application.  The adventure begins on May 20, 2019 and runs through August 11, 2019. The cost for participation is $450.

Anchorage is a thoroughfare for adventure seekers, but as we know everyone is seeking spiritually, so join us in making an eternal difference in someone's life this summer!

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